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Leadership Matters - Students must be safe before they can learn

As a school district, we have worked hard to provide clear policies and procedures that support daily school safety and preparation for emergencies. Some steps we take at the school building level is to ensure every visitor checks in at the front office as they enter the building. Volunteers must undergo a background check before interacting with students, and all employees are expected to display their identification badges at all times. Most of our schools, to include West Elementary, lock all outside doors of schools except for the front entrance.


Every year, there are a variety of drills each school is required to administer to prepare faculty and students for emergencies. These drills include fire, earthquake, lockout, lockdown, safety hazards and more. The drills provide specific instructions for how we should respond to dangers such as a violent intruder, a gas leak, or a threat.


Schools communicate with and are trained by community safety personnel including police officers, fire fighters, paramedics, and mental health professionals to ensure proper procedures for evacuation and reunification exist. If it is necessary to remove someone from school grounds, plans are already in place and can be found on school websites or by requesting it from the school principal.


As a parent or community member, we encourage you to review the following suggestions for ways you can help keep our students safe:

  • Become familiar with the “Standard Response Protocol.” These are the responses and vocabulary used within Tooele County School District in the event of an emergency- LOCKOUT, LOCKDOWN, EVACUATE, and SHELTER IN PLACE.
  • Make sure your student’s contact information is accurate and up-to-date. Be sure to include emergency contacts in case you are unable to be reached.
  • Only enter through the main school entrances and check in at the office. If you see someone trying to enter through a different door, encourage them to enter through the main entrance.
  • Create safety plans for your own home for how you and your children should react in case of emergencies. Help your students understand the importance of following directions.
  • Introduce your child to police officers, firefighters, and other safety personnel to help ease any apprehension they may have about asking for help.
  • Use caution when driving or parking around school areas and be sure to only park in appropriate areas. Be cautious of bus lanes and be sure to always use crosswalks and stand back away from curbs.

As we work together we can help our students be confident and prepared to avoid dangerous situations and make safe decisions in case of emergencies. When students are safe and feel safe, they will be better prepared to learn.


Clint Poole




West Elementary School