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Welcome New Directors and Administrators to TCSD!


Vanessa Fitzgibbon - Portuguese Director, Dual Language Immersion

Originally from São Paulo, Brazil, Vanessa Fitzgibbon last worked for the State Department in Washington D.C. She has also taught Portuguese in higher education for 25 years at Brigham Young University, Middlebury College, and University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Although she is new to our school district, Fitzgibbon has actively participated and supported the Utah Portuguese Dual Language Immersion program since it began. She looks forward to getting to know parents and staff at the schools and district office.

Lois Lovell - English Director, Dual Language Immersion,

Lois Lovell has worked in the education field for the past 20 years and spent the last five years as the Utah Dual Language Immersion English Program Director and DLI English Director for Canyons School District. Originally from Moroni, Utah, Tooele County reminds Lovell of her hometown.

“The people here are so kind and welcoming, and want to work hard to do what’s best for our students,” said Lovell. “I look forward to getting to know and working with the DLI English partner teachers here in Tooele County and building new relationships with my new colleagues.”

Aimee Perry - Curriculum Director

Aimee Perry has been in education for the last 11 years. She most recently came from Davis County School District where she worked as the English Language Arts Specialist. This has been a homecoming for Perry who grew up in the Grantsville area.

“This is where I had the opportunity to complete my student teaching and first teaching assignment as a Kindergarten teacher at Northlake Elementary,” said Perry. “It's coming home for me both professionally and personally. I am excited for my own children to participate in the same activities and traditions that I did growing up.”

Wynn Porter - Assistant Director, Human Resources

Wynn Porter has worked for Tooele County School District for the past 31 years. He spent the last six years as the TCSD Transportation Director. He also taught at Harris Elementary, Rose Springs Elementary and was Vice Principal at Willow Elementary.

“I look forward to learning my new position,” said Porter. “I’m excited to be able to take the knowledge I have from my previous work experiences to help assist new and veteran teachers with questions and licensure information.”

Clint Spindler - Director, Tooele Education Foundation

Having worked for the district for three decades, Clint Spindler is thrilled about taking on the role as the Tooele Education Foundation Director.

“I’m most excited about having the opportunity to continue the good work the Tooele Education Foundation does on behalf of students and staff in the district,” said Spindler. “I’m also looking forward to developing Ophir as a first-class outdoor education center and to expand resources that further the foundation’s mission.”


Kenna Aagard - Principal, Grantsville High School

Kenna Aagard has worked for Tooele County School District for the past 18 years. Most recently she served as Vice Principal at Grantsville High School. Aagard has a passion for learning and education. She wants students to receive the best education, be prepared for college or trade school and become successful in life.  

“I am excited for this opportunity to be the principal at Grantsville High School,” said Aagard. “We have amazing staff and students. I look forward to watching our students learn and excel in the classroom and have the opportunity to showcase their talents in a variety of extracurricular activities.”

Camille Hanson - Principal,  Settlement Canyon Elementary School

Camille Hanson has been in the education system for the past 27 years. Most recently she was at Stansbury Park Elementary where she served as a classroom teacher, reading specialist and instructional coach. Hanson said she loves the students and the dedicated staff who help students learn and grow.

“Not only do I love kids and working with them and seeing them every day, I love being a lifelong learner,” said Hanson. “I strive to stay on top of what is most relevant and current to make sure students get the best education possible.”

Erica Hatch - Vice Principal, Stansbury High School

Erica Hatch has been in the education system for nine years. For the past eight years she has been teaching English at Stansbury High School including AP and concurrent enrollment classes. She loved her teaching role but looks forward to this change.  

“I am excited to work in a new capacity at the school, building relationships with more students and teachers and being mentored by the awesome administrators I am lucky enough to learn from.”

Shane Heath - Vice Principal, Grantsville High School

Previously Shane Heath was the Grantsville High School Athletic Director and part time Vice Principal. His new title will be GHS Vice Principal. He has been in the education system for 15 years and is excited to continue to work with the students and staff at GHS.

“It is a great place to work,” said Heath. “The teachers and staff make it enjoyable to be here every day.”

Christy Opeta - Admin Intern, Tooele Junior High School/Middle Canyon Elementary

Christy Opeta has been in education for 15 years. She previously taught at Rose Springs Elementary School, and is excited to have the opportunity to intern as an administrator and Tooele Junior High and Middle Canyon Elementary.

“I love working for Tooele County School District. I love the small community feel, making connections, and getting to know so many people,” said Opeta. “I believe we have a great support system in our academic and social community. The relationships I’ve built with students, parents, and colleagues are irreplaceable. I’ve worked with some great people that truly care about our students.”

Gina Ruiz - Principal/Director,  The Early Learning Center

For the last five years Gina Ruiz has served as principal at Stansbury Park Elementary with a total of 25 years working within Tooele County School District.

“I am excited for this opportunity to be the new director of preschool programs because my passion has always been in early childhood education,” said Ruiz. “Nothing is more rewarding than knowing you played a crucial role in the early development of a child. Parents are often so thankful for what we, the teachers, do for children, but in reality we are the ones benefiting from teaching their children.”

She is most excited about being able to go into the different schools and spend time in the preschool classrooms and form relationships with the children.

“Children are my favorite people and in preschool, even on your worst day-it is still a good day!”

Jared Small - Vice Principal, Tooele High School

Jared Small has spent 17 years in the education system and was TCSD’s 2014 Administrator of the year where he served as principal of Clarke N. Johnsen Jr. High. He has also worked at Grantsville High, Tooele High, and Tooele Jr. High.

“This will be my second time working at Tooele High School so it's like coming home,” said Small. “What makes me most excited is working with students and helping them be successful.”

Ronda Silva - Principal, Stansbury Park Elementary  

Rhonda Silva just completed an internship as an administrator at Grantsville and Willow Elementary schools. She will now be the principal at Stansbury Park Elementary. Previously, Silva served as an instructional coach at Rose Springs Elementary for 11 years. Overall she has worked in the education system for 27 years.

“I am excited to make a positive impact in the lives of students, parents and teachers.  I love to see students growing, learning, and being successful,” said Silva. “Teachers are invaluable and I am excited to support them. SPES is an amazing school and I am honored to be here. I am originally from Tooele County and I am happy to have the opportunity to work with and give back to the community I grew up in.”

Mark Thornton - Vice Principal, Grantsville High School

New to Tooele County School District, Mark Thornton comes from Copper Hills High School in Jordan School District where he taught both health and physical education. With 11 years of teaching experience Thornton will be the new Grantsville High School Vice Principal. He said he is excited to work with the staff and students at Grantsville High School.

Thomas Trotter – Admin Intern, Willow Elementary and Grantsville Elementary

Thomas Trotter has been in the education system for seven years, six of which have been with TCSD. Last year he was an instructional coach at Rose Springs Elementary and before that he taught fourth grade at Middle Canyon Elementary.

I am excited for the opportunity to serve the students, parents, and teachers of Grantsville Elementary and Willow Elementary,” said Trotter. “I hope to grow and mature as a school leader as I work with and learn from two excellent examples of what a principal should be.”


Dustin Nelson - Transportation Supervisor

Dustin Nelson has been with the school district since 2007 and was most recently the Head Custodian at the Community Learning Center/Blue Peak High School.

“I am excited to bring new ideas to the Transportation Department while getting the chance to work with a variety of new people,” said Nelson. “Tooele County School District is a fantastic place to work and I am excited to continue my career with the greatest district in the state.”

Lidia Ordaz - Coordinator, Dual Language Immersion (Spanish)

Lidia Ordaz is new to Tooele County School District and most recently worked as the State Spanish Dual Language Immersion Coordinator and DLI specialist in Ogden School District. She also was a Spanish DLI teacher and an elementary teacher in Spain.

“For me, being part of TCSD is an opportunity to share my skills and knowledge about the program, and to serve an area of Utah that it is rapidly growing and wants the best learning options for their community,” said Ordaz. “Diversity, multiculturalism and educational excellence are values that I share with TCSD. I am excited to support TCSD in its efforts to make these opportunities accessible to their student community!”